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Want to buy a property?

When you are looking to buy a property in beaituful Vancouver, you need the profesionals in real estate industry to help you find the property you want. Many buyers use sales agents and spend much time shopping through untenable properties, sorting through misinformation, and blindly negotiating.

What a buyer needs, is an exclusive buyer representative who will work exclusively for the buyer to find an appropriately priced, well-outfitted property that matches your expectations.

Amex - Sunrich Realty is a Vancouver brokerage firm with over 100 experienced real estate professionals who can help buyers find the perfect properties.

What will our REALTORs help you?

Our agents offer serious advantages by giving the buyer a structured, informative view of each property. They focus on delivering an assessment of actual real estate value. As they gather information about various properties, they will cut through marketing copy, clever home staging and other sales techniques that often lead to a bad deal.

Out agents also make sure that they are not wasting the buyer's time by presenting substandard properties that don't fit with buyer's plans. As they ask buyers detailed information about their goals and lifestyles. And they use this information to suggest options for each buyer.

Also, our agents will:

  • Help clients spot misleading information in a property listing
  • Identify overpriced properties and discourage impulse buying
  • Professionally negotiate on your behalf to cut property prices
  • Speed up the closing process, board applications and other common delays

Our goal for the buyers, is to give the clients a new real estate buying experience. Every part of this experience offers improvements and advantages that would never be possible when buyign a home through a more traditional agency.

To schedule an appointment with a buyer's agent, or to find out more information, please call 604-273-3983

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